Italiaper is dedicated to the instruction of the Italian language clearly, thoroughly and effectively alongside a complementary instruction and exploration of Italian art, history and culture.
Its teaching staff is well qualified, and wherever possible employs instruction in Italian alongside instruction in students' native languages where added clarity is required.
Italiaper's director is fluent in four European languages, and has completed a university degree in philosophy, and another in foreign languages, with a masters in teaching Italian to foreigners.
Italiaper is located in the historic centre of Modena, close to the central train station, and accommodation can be organized to suit student needs for the duration of their studies at Italiaper. The school offers courses to suit every level of Italian speaker, with prices that ensure it is one of the most affordable schools of Italian. Language component:
Italiaper offers four levels of Italian courses, from beginners to advanced. Students with previous study of Italian are evaluated at enrollment, and assigned to their best suited level. Classes consist of a maximum of 8 students, which ensures that lessons are clearly understood, and that teachers are aware of students individual requirements.
Individual and smaller groups size courses can be arranged.
The courses focus on all elements of language use, including not only grammar, but also pronunciation, reading, comprehension and writing skills.
A wide range of language sources, such as newspapers, films and television are used to keep students interested, and engaged with the working italian language.
The minimum period of enrollment is two weeks.
Enrollments are accepted every Monday, although arrangements can be made to suit special requirements.
Italiaper offers some of the most competitive course prices in Italy, with concession prices available to school and university students, under 25's and pensioners. There is a substantial discount for ongoing monthly enrollments, and reduced prices can be arranged for larger groups.

Culture component
Italiaper organizes weekend excursions once a month to culturally important Italian cities, such as Florence, Lucca, Bologna, Milan, Verona, Parma, Ferrara. (excursions are not included in course price).
Afternoon excursions are a common feature of Italiaper courses during the week. These trips focus on the sights, businesses and hinterland of Modena, including the Duomo, lambrusco vineyards, parmesan cheese factories, the Ferrari factory at Maranello, and the city's various museums. (some small charges may apply)
Classes and lectures are often offered in the afternoon at Italiaper, revolving around Italian history, politics and art. The lectures are taken both by Italiaper staff, and also by guest lecturers.

Accommodation for students can be organised for the duration of their stay in Modena in private residences with either an Italian family, students or workers, or in one of the local hotels. Prices for local accommodations, with all taxes and expenses included are from 95 Euro to 105 Euro per week.
Prices vary for accommodation in local hotels, depending on the standard chosen, and the season.

To ensure the smooth enrollment and accommodation of all students at Italiaper, confirmation of enrollment and desired accommodation (if required), together with a 100 Euro deposit must be received by Italiaper no later than 1 month before a student's proposed commencement date. Before this time, students must inform Italiaper by email or telephone of their desired dates of commencement, and then the appropriate confirmation procedures, (including deposit and payment details) can be undertaken.


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